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Communication Skills (ENG)

  • Bilthoven
  • vanaf 17 mei 2021

Learn to communicate with more impact and become an effective communicator.

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  • Interactive sessions, workshops and role plays
  • Two day course
Communication Skills

About this course

Communication is important. You do it every day all day long by using words and body language. Therefore, communication is crucial for both personal and professional success. However, communication skills don’t always come naturally. In this training you receive guidelines that help you to enable effective communication.

This course helps you to get your message out there in the right way. It helps to you to build confidence and communicate with clarity during conversations and other crucial communication moments. Besides, it supports you in building collaborative relationships based on common trust and respect.

Module structure:

  • • Communication
  • • Non-verbal communication
  • • Perceiving
  • • Listening
  • • Communication to the point
  • • Communication in different situations

Result of this course
During this course you learn techniques that helps you to communicate with impact and more effectively.

Personal support
The trainer is available after the course for your questions or to discuss your experiences.

Lex Antonisse
Lex Antonisse


  • Study and practice material
    You will find excercises in your online study environment
  • VAT excluded
    The price of this course does not include VAT
  • Fractionated payments
    It is possible to pay in three installments
  • Addtion location and arrangement costs
    The price of this course is excluding location and arrangement costs

What is including this course?

You will receive:
Certificate of participation

After completing this course you will receive a certificate

Classroom training

Learn from other participants during the course

Get in touch with your trainer

After completing this course you can contact your trainer

Online study enviroment

Where you can find all your study and practice materials

Startdata and locations

When can I start?

Start whenever you want, there are several locations in the Netherlands.


Do you have the guts and self-confidence to follow this course?

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