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Expert in Sales (ENG)

  • Bilthoven
  • vanaf 03 mei 2021

'NO' is not rejection, it is redirection. The most popular and well-known course of Kenneth Smit.

  • Kenneth Smit's best sales trainers
  • Interactive sessions, workshops and role plays
  • Four day course
Expert in Sales

About this course

When you want to take the wind out of the competitor's sails, you need to gain a clear understanding of who you are dealing with. That is emphasized in the Expert in Sales Basics training. The new standard in the field of commercial skills training.

In this four day course you learn how to use structure in sales conversations. This course is full of interactive sessions, workshops and role plays, which helps you to become the best sales person you can be. You learn to overcome objections and to increase your commercial strength by gaining relevant information. Finally, you are better equipped to convince the customer with accurate arguments. This results in higher order volumes against better margins.

Module structure:

  • Communication and argumentation
  • Opening of a highly qualified discussion
  • Connecting with someone and building confidence
  • Discussion and closure techniques
  • Making appointments
  • Objections, criticisms and disagreements
  • Company presentations

After this course
After following this course you know how to play the sales game with confidence. It will lead you to better commercial results and a much higher order intake.

Personal support
The trainer is available after the course for your questions or to discuss your experiences.

Emiel Hartskeerl
Emiel Hartskeerl


  • Online study environment
    You will receive access to your personal online learning enviroment
  • Study and practice material
    You will find excercises in your online study environment
  • VAT excluded
    The price of this course does not include VAT
  • Fractionated payments
    It is possible to pay in three installments

What is included this course?

You will receive:
Certificate of participation

After completing this course you will receive a certificate

Classroom training

Learn from other participants during the course

Get in touch with your trainer

After completing this course you can contact your trainer


Learn from one another during the course

This training course is executed by Kenneth Smit

Kenneth Smit, Success by doing

No goal without ambition. Without compass, no direction. Without action, no achievement. Kenneth Smit helps your organization to the commercial top!

Startdata and locations

When can I start?

Start whenever you want, there are several locations in the Netherlands.


Do you have the guts and self-confidence to follow this course?

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