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Understanding Self and Others | Insights Discovery (ENG)

  • Utrecht | BCN
  • vanaf 19 mei 2021

Each person is unique and views the world from a different perspective. Get to know your own and others perspectives!

  • Certified Insights Discovery trainers of Kenneth Smit
  • Incluiding interactive sessions, workshops and role plays
  • One day course
Understanding Self and Others

About this course

The training provides an introduction to the Insights Discovery Learning System and the Insights Discovery Personal Profile. The approach is fun and interactive, and gives participants a language and framework for understanding themselves and others better which they can put into practice immediately.

During this course you get to know the four Insights Colours, namely: Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow, Earth Green and Cool Blue. Each colour has a communication style preference which will be explained. The things you learn during this course can be put into practice immediately. This course is a must for everyone that is interested in personality profiles and understanding self and others better.

Module structure:

  • The power of perception
  • The Insights Colour Energies
  • Jung’s preferences
  • The Insights Discovery 8-types
  • The 72 sub-types
  • The Insights Discovery Personal Profile
  • Recognising Other’s Style
  • Adapting and connecting techniques

Result of this course
After this course you have an in-depth understanding of your own preferences and you’ll understand those of others. You’ll be able to communicate with impact and to adapt and connect to different personal preference styles.

Personal support
The trainer is available after the course for your questions or to discuss your experiences.

Anja van der Wurff
Anja van der Wurff


  • Study and practice material
    You will find excercises in your online study environment
  • VAT excluded
    The price of this course does not include VAT
  • Fractionated payments
    It is possible to pay in three installments
  • Addtion location and arrangement costs
    The price of this course is excluding location and arrangement costs

What is included in this course?

You will receive:
Certificate of participation

After completing this course you will receive a certificate

Classroom training

Learn from other participants during the course

Get in touch with your trainer

After completing this course you can contact your trainer

Insights Discovery Profile

Including a personal Insights Discovery Profile

Startdata and locations

When can I start?

Start whenever you want, there are several locations in the Netherlands.


Do you have the guts and self-confidence to follow this course?

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