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Negotiating (ENG)

Become the best negotiator by following this course, score with a feeling!

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Negotiating course

About this course

Negotiating is based on good communication, supplemented with experience, knowledge, strategy and tactics. This course focuses on the differences between good and bad negotiating and the skills and techniques that a good negotiator needs to obtain the best results while retaining the relationship.

This two day course focusses on the theory of negotiating. It is important to know when and why you should negotiate, as it can also have negative consequences for your personal relationship. In other words, strive for the optimum in each situation. However, the optimal result is not always the one that brings you the highest value in terms of money. Role plays, interactive sessions and workshops, support participants to discover a new and inspiring negotiation method that you can apply in your future.

Module structure:

  • Why and when negotiate?
  • Recognize the negotiator?
  • Preparations for negotiating
  • Power in negotiating
  • How to deal with time pressure
  • Different negotiation

Result of this course
After this course you are capable of obtaining your optimal results while retaining the relationship.

Personal support
The trainer is available after the course for your questions or to discuss your experiences.

Taco van der Sligte
Taco van der Sligte


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    You will receive access to your personal online learning enviroment
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    The price of this course does not include VAT
  • Fractionated payments
    It is possible to pay in three installments
  • Addtion location and arrangement costs
    The price of this course is excluding location and arrangement costs

What is included in this course?

You will receive:
Certificate of participation

After completing this course you will receive a certificate

Classroom training

Learn from other participants during the course

Get in touch with your trainer

After completing this course you can contact your trainer


Learn from one another during the course

Startdata and locations

When can I start?

Start whenever you want, there are several locations in the Netherlands.


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